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Budapest's Only Eco-Fashion Line Upcycles Castoffs Into Clothing

Adding to the buzz of creativity in Budapest is a cafe, pop-up, and design studio called Printa. The on-site silkscreen and fashion workshop produces garments that are displayed in…

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Finch Designs Recycles Plastic Bottles Into Rain Capes, Swimsuits

Sustainable design may not be synonymous with the fashion industry in China, but two designers are seeking to change that by creating playful stylish designs from recycled plastic…

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7 Eco-Friendly Raincoats For Dodging April Showers in Style

UNDER THE WEATHER If raindrops keeping falling on your head, stave away the foul-weather doldrums with one of these sustainably constructed raincoats and jackets. Water- and…

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FIRST LOOK: Jai Active Wear is Sustainably, Regally Playful

Smart design is sustainability is contemporary elegance, says Kizzy Jai Knight, the erstwhile dancer/choreographer/stylist behind Jai Active Wear, a fledgling label that the Knight…

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Selena Gomez's Eco-Fashion Line, Vogue Makes Do, Wild Things

O RLY? Disney teen phenom Selena Gomez follows in the footsteps of…well…just about everyone and launches her own fashion collection. At least it’s organic?…

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Alice Silverstone Clues Us In, Parachute Ponchos, Heartless Designers

Actress Alicia Silverstone names her favorite eco-designers. Here’s a hint: One of them begins with “Stella” and ends with “McCartney.” (EcoStiletto) He…

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