recycled umbrellas

For City Slickers, Backpacks Made From Recycled Umbrellas, Fabric

Photos by Matthew Yake How often has your backpack formed an essential part of your fashionable wardrobe? Never? That may change when you lay eyes on Annika Blomberg’s artistic…

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Haitian Eco-Designer Upcycles Umbrella Fabric Into Couture Dresses

If you’ve ever gazed upon a pretty floral umbrella and thought, “That would make an awesome frock,” then Catherine Charlot is the woman you’re after. Her…

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Upcycled Umbrellas Go Undercover As One-of-a-Kind Skirts

Littered with spindly metal carcasses and swathes of polyester waving impotently in the wind, a post-downpour New York City—and most likely, every other city—is a spectacle to…

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