recycled underwear

Naja Launches Colorful Undies Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Naja’s “underwear with a purpose” just got a whole lot more purposeful. The social enterprise, which trains and employs single mothers in Colombia through its…

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French Designer Creates Sexy Lingerie From Recycled Christmas Trees

If you are looking for eco-friendly lingerie this Christmas, look no further than the nearest pine tree. French designer Sophie Young is recycling used Christmas trees, turning the pine…

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Sloggi Launches Eco-Friendly Lingerie Made From Recycled Coffee

HOT STUFF Sloggi claims that the chemical-free fabric, which it developed in partnership with Taiwanese firm Singtex Industries, not only wicks away moisture and absorbs odors, but it…

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Triumph Japan Recycles Old Bras Into Power-Generating Fuel

Worried about throwing out your used bras lest they be stolen by perverts? American women may find such fears unwarranted, but they’re genuine concerns for their counterparts in…

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Knit From Undies, Antoine Peters's Knicker Dress Reimagines the Everyday

One way to make sure celebutantes keep their panties on? Make them wear a dress composed entirely of underwear. Designer Antoine Peters gathered as many unmentionables as he could, cut…

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