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Looptworks Upcycles Alaska Airlines Seat Leather Into Eco-Chic Bags

CARRY ONS Like all Looptworks products, each Alaska Airlines item is handmade, hand-numbered, and backed by a lifetime guarantee. “Looptworks’ collaboration with Alaska Airlines is…

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Skyebags Upcycles Delta Air Lines Upholstery Into Flight-Worthy Bags

FLYING HIGH Every Skyebag’s story begins in Atlanta, where Delta’s seat covers are first collected. The reclaimed leather then heads to Raleigh, where it’s cleaned…

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Well-Dressed: Prix-Prix Makes Wallets from Recycled Neckties, Suits

Laura Skelton of Prix-Prix revamps boring old neckties into cool wallets, and at $28, they are both green and affordable. Along with several other recycled accessories, including the…

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