Refinity Creates Eco-Friendly Textile Inks You Can Remove for Reprinting

Photos by Janneke Tol Fashion may be ephemeral, but our clothing doesn’t have to be. At least, that’s the philosophy behind “Removable Prints” by…

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7 Eco-Friendly (and Vegan!) Alternatives to Animal Leather

BETTER “LEATHERS” 1. Barkcloth 2. Cork 3. Recycled Ultrasuede 4. Glazed Cotton 5. Paper 6. Recycled PET Polyester 7. Degradable Polyurethane PUT A CORK IN IT Cork…

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Cradle-to-Cradle Raincoat by Refinity is Nontoxic, Recyclable

If dodging rain showers in a toxic yellow slicker isn’t your style, Fioen van Balgooi of Refinity has a pair of his-and-hers raincoats that are nontoxic, recyclable, and cuter, to…

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New Fabric-Dyeing Technique Uses Fluid-State CO2, Not Water

Photos by Amber Isabel A Dutch company has unveiled what it believes to be the first commercial dyeing machine to replace water with supercritical carbon dioxide—a pressurized form of…

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Vegan, Eco-Friendly Men's Trench Coat Made From Leathery Tree Bark

“Barkcloth” takes on a whole new meaning when you involve actual trees, specifically the Mutaba (Ficus natalensis) in Uganda. It’s this arboreal textile that makes up…

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Dutch Designers' Modular "Fragmented Textiles" are Like Lego for Fashion

Here’s another eco-fashion innovation that is both puzzling and promising: “Fragmented” clothing that features customizable snap-on pieces, requires no sewing, and…

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