reflective clothing

Ravelin's Reflective Shirt Keeps Cyclists Stylish by Day, Safe by Night

The RS01 wants to be the best shirt in your closet- one that can protect you as much as it looks good. Designed with the bicycle commuter in mind, the RS01 by Ravelin is a reflective…

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Sylvia Heisel Turns Eco-Technical Fabrics Into Street-Chic Clothing

Does recycling plastic sometimes feel like a chore? Heisel’s Tyvek mini-dress makes plastic’s life cycle fun. With its short hemline and geometric print, the dress is a stretch from…

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Nike Lights Up U.S. Open With Reflective Tennis Jackets, Sneakers

Justin Timberlake isn’t the only party calling dibs on the hours after sundown. Nike Tennis has created a series of reflective gear designed to dominate the night games at the…

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We-Flashy's Reflective Clothing Helps Cyclists Stay Visible at Night

You don’t have to resemble a crossing guard to play it safe on the roads at night. We-Flashy may use the same industrial-grade reflective material as police and firefighters do,…

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