reflective jackets

Sylvia Heisel Turns Eco-Technical Fabrics Into Street-Chic Clothing

Does recycling plastic sometimes feel like a chore? Heisel’s Tyvek mini-dress makes plastic’s life cycle fun. With its short hemline and geometric print, the dress is a stretch from…

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Nike Lights Up U.S. Open With Reflective Tennis Jackets, Sneakers

Justin Timberlake isn’t the only party calling dibs on the hours after sundown. Nike Tennis has created a series of reflective gear designed to dominate the night games at the…

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Reversible, TRON-Inspired Jacket Reflects Light For Safer Night Biking

Night cycling should be attempted only by the very bold—and the very cautious. But if your gas-guzzler-eschewing, two-wheeling proclivities extend past sundown, staying safe with the…

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