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State Takes the "Farm to Hanger" Approach to American-Made Fashion

Photos by Amanda Coen for Ecouterre Adrienne Antonson of State designs clothing according to her own calendar. Turned off by the fast fashion cycle, Antonson takes a thoughtful and…

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7 Designer Looks Made From Recycled Denim Jeans

DENIM COUTURE Few articles of clothing are as egalitarian as the humble blue jean. It’s come a long way from its working-stiff roots, rising in status to become not only a luxe…

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Carro Upcycles Thrift-Store Menswear Into Preppy Back-to-School Carryalls

If Mad Men mania is driving back the return of the power suit, then consider Carro the Don Draper of backpacks, satchels, and messenger bags. The Argentinean label, which loots thrift…

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Beautiful Soul's Refashioned Kimonos Are Inspired by "Madame Butterfly"

Forget Memoirs of a Geisha; kimonos have migrated from the realm of the exotic to the wearable. Beautiful Soul, an eco-luxury label based in London, is refashioning vintage Japanese…

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U.K. Eco-Fashion Designers Refashion One-of-a-Kind "Think Act Vote" Tees

TEE PARTY Think Act Vote, a London-based political-awareness campaign founded by Amisha Ghadiali, the associate director of the Ethical Fashion Forum, asked eight of Britain’s…

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