repurposed wood

Soft Gold Studio Recycles Wooden Puzzle Pieces Into Geometric Pendants

Search for your missing piece no longer. Dianna Gedron of Soft Gold Studio turns vintage wooden puzzles into bold, tangram-styled pendants. Sanded, drilled, and given fresh coats of…

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Stefanie Nieuwenhuys Recycles Wood Chips Into Snakeskin-Like Couture

WOODEN YOU KNOW Eschewing virgin resources, Nieuwenhuys worked with bio-waste firm InCrops Enterprise Hub in Norwich to obtain discarded pieces of plywood, which she then laser-cut into…

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Reward Yourself With a "Merit Badge" Necklace Made From Salvaged Wood

No need to jump through hoops to earn these merit badges. Whether they declare your aptitude in knot-tying, wood-carving, or impeccable taste in accessories, the five wooden pendants…

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