Can Norton Security's RFID-Proof Jeans Prevent Digital Pickpocketing?

Symantec wants to protect more than just your computer. Best known for its Norton line of antivirus and spyware products, the PC security firm has teamed up with online retailer…

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Never Lose a Sock Again With Blacksocks' RFID-Chipped "Smarter Socks"

If you’re fed up of finding socks without their mates, a new high-tech system promises to track—and match—rogue items across multiple piles of laundry. For $189,…

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Steampunk "Reading Glove" Uses Wireless Technology to Tell Stories With Objects

You don’t have to be a psychic to know that objects tell a story. If “object reading” is your objective, however, the “Reading Glove” by Joshua and Karen…

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