Adidas Debuts First Shoe Made Almost Completely by Robots

FUTURE SHOE Adidas also harnessed a motion-capture technology called “Aramis” to map the natural movement of the foot and create a more supportive and flexible…

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A Robot Just Made an Entire T-Shirt

The robotic revolution isn’t coming; it’s already here. For that you can thank—or blame—Sewbo, a Seattle-based startup that claims to have created the first industrial…

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Agnes the Humanoid Knitting Robot Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Inventor Andy Noyes’ new creation brings the knitting machine to a new level. The Agnes Roboknit is part mannequin part robotic knitter, which knits on a circular loom with sporadic…

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Mohop's Interchangeable Eco-Shoes Are Made by Artisans, Robots

Here at Ecouterre we love these Mohop sandals, crafted from sustainably harvested cherry wood made locally in Pennsylvania. Regular readers may remember Mohop from the Ecouterre feature…

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A Humanoid Robot Named Baxter Could Revive U.S. Manufacturing

Could a $22,000 humanoid robot named Baxter give American manufacturing a much-needed kick in the pants? That’s the goal of Rethink Robotics, a Boston-based robotics firm poised…

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