Supermodel Lily Cole, Veja Collaborate on Rainforest-Friendly Sneakers

If anyone knows how to walk the walk, it’s Lily Cole. The British supermodel, actress, and environmentalist has crossed ankles with French ethical footwear label Veja to create a…

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Bond: A Pair of Vibrating Accessories That Help You Stay in Touch

Bond is a wearable tickle, hug, nudge or even a poke. You wear one and your friend, love, mom, brother, sister, daughter, son wear the other. Touch yours and the matching Bond bracelet…

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Japanese Company Upcycles Scrap Tires Into Cool-Looking Sneakers, Bags

Keeping tires out of landfills is a tough job considering how many they are. (Multiply the number of cars on the road by four or in the case of large trucks, as much as 18.) Still, tire…

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