Pamela Anderson is Sending Melania Trump a Russian Faux Fur Coat

Photo by Getty Images What was inside the blue Tiffany box that Melania Trump handed Michelle Obama on Inauguration Day? The world may never know. Less of a mystery is Pamela…

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Russians Use 3D-Printing to Subvert Lacy Lingerie Sanctions

A German lingerie company is using technology circumvent a controversial new law that bans the import, production, or sale of synthetic lace underwear. The Eurasian Union trade…

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Alexander Wang's "P6" Beanie Fights Discrimination at Sochi Olympics

Alexander Wang is not taking Russia’s anti-gay laws sitting down. The designer has launched the sale of a new beanie supporting the Principle 6 campaign, which encourages Olympic…

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The "Hand Tree" is a Portable Air Filter You Wear on Your Wrist

There’s no way to control the quality of your air when you’re walking around in the city or working near machines. But air pollution is so bad for our health that there has…

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American Apparel CEO Admits He's Not Making Russia's Olympic Uniforms

Looks like American Apparel’s CEO, Dov Charney, misread his memo. A week after the story broke that American Apparel would be manufacturing Russia’s official 2014 winter…

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American Apparel in Talks to Design 2014 Olympic Uniforms for...Russia?

U.S. athletes won’t be the only ones brandishing the “Made in the U.S.A” label at the 2014 Winter Olympics. An unlikely champion has emerged in the form of another…

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