safety gear

Color-Changing Glove Alerts Wearer to Presence of Invisible Toxins

Come in contact with toxic substances while working in a lab and you’ll literally be caught red handed (or blue in this case). New gloves are being developed now at the Fraunhofer…

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"Anti-Rape" Undies Fend Off Would-Be Attackers With an Electric Shock

Photo by Shutterstock In the wake of the horrific gang rape in Delhi last December, Indian women are taking to the streets in protest and even creating products to help prevent rape.…

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Bulletproof Jackets, Backpacks for Children Are Now a Thing

Photo by Shutterstock Body armor isn’t just for police officers or public figures anymore. In the wake of a deadly school shooting in Connecticut, a Colombian businessman has…

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We-Flashy's Reflective Clothing Helps Cyclists Stay Visible at Night

You don’t have to resemble a crossing guard to play it safe on the roads at night. We-Flashy may use the same industrial-grade reflective material as police and firefighters do,…

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Reversible, TRON-Inspired Jacket Reflects Light For Safer Night Biking

Night cycling should be attempted only by the very bold—and the very cautious. But if your gas-guzzler-eschewing, two-wheeling proclivities extend past sundown, staying safe with the…

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