salmon leather

Heidi & Adèle Turns Discarded Salmon, Eel Skins Into Chic Accessories

How would you describe your designs? Our designs are a combination of classic shapes and vibrant colors and textures. Our collection is created with professional women in mind and, as…

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Osklen Recycles Discarded Fish Skins Into Luxurious Shoes, Bags

OSKLEN REBORN Osklen has never strayed far from its roots, but a devastating fire in February 2010 resulted in a rebirth of sorts. “Fenix,” Osklen’s aptly named…

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Sprout Unveils New Watch Straps Made With Fish Leather

Thar she blows! Sprout Watches is headed for the life aquatic with a new range of timepieces that uses fish skin in lieu of leather. Constructed from the skins of salmon and carp that…

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Salmon Leather: A Fishy Fabric, But Will Designers Take the Bait?

Photo by ES Salmon Leather SALMON LEATHER \ˈsa-mən ˈle-thər\ n. 1 a: A dyeable textile made from salmon skin—a byproduct of the fish processing industry that usually gets tossed…

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