MetaWear is U.S.'s First Solar-, Geothermal-Powered Garment Factory

More often than not, ethical manufacturing practices and the textile industry seem to be somewhat of an oxymoronic thought. MetaWear, a screen-printing apparel company based in Fairfax,…

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DaDa's Underwear Club Delivers Eco-Friendly Men's Undies Every Quarter

Luxury clothing should mean that the quality of the fabric is as good to the environment as it is to your body. UK designer Hamish Lawson is the creator of the DaDa Quarterly Underwear…

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Seaweed Dye Offers Greener Alternative to Plastic Screen-Printing Ink

Photo by secretlondon123 That hard, rubbery texture on your favorite screen-printed tee? More likely than not, it’s plastisol, a PVC-derived ink that not only releases harmful…

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