self-cleaning clothing

No More Laundry? These Textiles Clean Themselves With Sunlight

Photo by Caspar Rubin/Unsplash Could this be the end of washing? Scientists at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia have discovered a cheap and efficient new way to…

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Self-Cleaning Cashmere Uses Sunlight to Save Money, Environment

If you’ve ever wished your stained-up clothes could clean themselves, researchers at the Hong Kong City University may just have granted that wish. The team has invented a coated…

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Silic: A "Self-Cleaning" T-Shirt That's Nearly Impossible to Stain

Parents, klutzes, and pig pens rejoice for now there is a spill and stain-proof t-shirt made with safe nanotechnology. Silic is more than just a basic black or white tshirt; it features…

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USDA Develops Eco-Friendlier Anti-Stink Treatments for Clothing

Photo by Shutterstock The U.S. Department of Agriculture isn’t exactly known for its bleeding-edge fashion, but don’t count the federal agency out just yet. Researchers from…

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The End of Laundry? Cotton Fabric Cleans Itself When Exposed to Sunlight

The end of laundry is nigh as far as chemists in China are concerned. Scientists are developing a cotton fabric that cleans and deodorizes itself when exposed to regular sunlight,…

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