self-healing textiles

Sealtech: A Fabric That Repairs Itself With Just a Touch

SEALTECH \sē(ə)lˈtek\ n. 1: A lightweight, water-resistant nylon ripstop that heals itself of minor punctures with the application of heat and friction. 2 a: Developed by…

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Squid-Inspired Fabrics Repair Themselves, Neutralize Toxins

Photo by Scubagirl85/Wikimedia Commons Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have developed a way for fabrics to repair themselves with just a little pressure and warm water. The…

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Scandinavian Scientists Develop Textile That Repairs Its Own Rips, Tears

No need to throw away an old raincoat because a tiny rip or hole. Scandinavian researchers are fabricating a textile coating that automatically seals tears on the surface of waterproof…

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