sewing machines

For DIYers on the Move, a Compact Sewing Machine That Folds Flat

There’s a reason why sewing machines are gathering dust in attics and basements across the country. They’re big, bulky, and awkward to lug around. In lieu of the unwieldy…

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Alto: An Intuitive Sewing Machine That Encourages "Make Do and Mending"

A STITCH IN TIME An international student design competition running in 18 countries, the James Dyson Award is part of the James Dyson Foundation’s mission to encourage emerging…

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Stitch, Bitch, and Have a Cuppa at This Parisian "Sweat Shop"

Photo by the New York Times Don’t worry, you won’t find gym bunnies or little girls hunched over sewing machines at this “sweat shop.” In true Parisian style,…

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