sex trafficking

"This is Not a Sweatshirt" Sweatshirt Helps Victims of Sex Trafficking

It may look like a sweatshirt, feel like a sweatshirt, and wear like a sweatshirt, but Sudara’s “I Am Not a Sweatshirt” is so much more than a sweatshirt. Formerly…

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Are Cambodia's Sex Workers Being Forced Into the Garment Trade?

Is Cambodia’s aggressive anti-trafficking campaign forcing sex workers into an even worse trade? A video exposé from Vice News claims that Cambodian authorities are…

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Redesigned Sanitary Pads Prompt Victims of Sex Trafficking to Seek Help

A group of graduate students at the University of Washington have devised a scheme that could provide urgent recourse for female victims of human trafficking—without arousing the…

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Duchess-Approved Beulah London Supports Sex-Trafficking Victims in India

CONSCIOUS COLLECTION Beulah traces its origins to a trip to India that Rufus Isaacs and Brennan took in 2009. The experience, which included a volunteer stint at an aftercare home in…

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Punjammies: Ethical Pajamas That Give India's Ex-Prostitutes a Livelihood

If you’re going to lounge around the house in your pajamas all day, you’d be better off ditching your overstretched gray sweatpants for a pair of Punjammies. Available in…

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Coco Rocha, Senhoa Design Jewelry to Benefit Survivors of Sex Trafficking

BY WOMEN, FOR WOMEN Rocha, who appears in a campaign shot by Nigel Barker, the infamous judge and photographer on America’s Next Top Model, became acquainted with Senhoa the day…

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