shoe recycling

Scientists Develop First Comprehensive System for Recycling Footwear

Photo by Shutterstock In the fight to recycle used clothes and accessories, footwear has long been a drag in the process. Of the 20 billion shoes produced each year, a huge 95 percent…

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12-Year-Old Boy Saves 4,000 Pairs of Shoes From the Landfill for Recycling

Twelve year old “Eco” Erek Hansen is putting his best foot forward, and has gone on a one-boy mission to divert thousands of shoes from our landfills. The Ohio kid has been…

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Council for Textile Recycling Launches Site to Discourage Landfill Waste

Photo by Bonnie Natko In what is being hailed as an industry first, apparel brands, retailers, municipalities, nonprofits, and recyclers are banding together to promote the recycling of…

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Vote for Your Favorite Blogger Outfit, Win a Pair of Eco-Chic Naya Shoes!

How many shoes does a girl really need? Naya set out to find the answer by asking its favorite eco-fashion bloggers—including Ecouterre’s own Yuka Yoneda—to assemble a…

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Drop Off Your Flip-Flops at Old Navy to Recycle Them Into Playgrounds

Stop, don’t throw out last season’s flip-flops just yet. Starting April 22, Old Navy will be hosting a monthlong drive to collect used flip-flops for TerraCycle, a…

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