M&S to Sell First "Shwop Coat" Made From Customers' Unwanted Woolens

All that “shwopping” is finally about to pay off. Marks & Spencer is launching its first “shwopped” product: a limited-edition women’s double-breasted…

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M&S Creates World's Largest Union Jack From Discarded Clothes

In honor of the 2012 London Olympics, Marks & Spencer and Oxfam tag-teamed to create the world’s largest “Union Jack” from unwanted clothing. Unfurled at West Ham…

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One in Five Brits Admit to Discarding a Garment After One Wear, Says M&S

One in three Britons has thrown away six or more items of clothing over the past 12 months, according to a survey of 2,200 U.K. consumers by Marks & Spencer. Despite role models who…

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Joanna Lumley, Marks & Spencer Launch "Shwopping" Recycling Campaign

Patsy Stone—or rather, Joanna Lumley, the actress who played her on Absolutely Fabulous—wants you to “shwop” till you drop. The British comedian teamed up with Marks…

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