U.S. Army Testing Body Armor Made With Genetically Engineered Silk

Photo by Sony Pictures “Dragon Silk,” a form of spider silk spun by genetically engineered silkworms, may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but it could hold a very…

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Yeast-Engineered Silk Could Result in "Stronger Than Steel" Clothes

A Bay Area startup is giving spiders and silkworms a run for their money. Bolt Threads, which announced a new $40 million round funding on Thursday, has developed a synthetic,…

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Silkworms Fed on "Green" Dyed-Leaf Diet Spin Naturally Colored Silk

Photo by Shutterstock Scientists have discovered a better way to obtain colored silk from silkworms. By feeding silkworm larvae a modified diet of spray-dyed mulberry leaves,…

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New Silkworm Diet Naturally Dyes Silk, Reduces Water Consumption

Scientists are putting silkworms on a diet, but it isn’t because the little critters are packing on the pounds. Rather, researchers from the Institute of Materials Research and…

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