silver nanoparticles

Could Super-Insulated Clothes Eliminate Need for Indoor Heat?

Photo by Shutterstock The cold winter months are upon us in the northern hemisphere and with it comes escalating energy bills as we struggle to keep snug. But imagine if ourclothes…

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USDA Develops Eco-Friendlier Anti-Stink Treatments for Clothing

Photo by Shutterstock The U.S. Department of Agriculture isn’t exactly known for its bleeding-edge fashion, but don’t count the federal agency out just yet. Researchers from…

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Australians Ditching Sunscreen, Risking Skin Cancer to Avoid Nanoparticles

When sun-worshipping Aussies stop slathering themselves with SPF, you know something’s up. More than three out of five Australians have concerns about the health implications of…

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NRDC Files Lawsuit Against EPA To Block Nanosilver Pesticide in Clothing

From odor-absorbing underpants to bacteria-resistant appliances, silver nanoparticles are on the cutting edge of antimicrobial technology. But although the U.S. Environmental Protection…

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Silver Nanoparticles in Clothing Could Harm Plant Life, Says New Study

Photo by erazofischer Your odor-eating undies may shield the wider world from your suds-eschewing proclivities, but the silver nanoparticles embedded within could migrate into the…

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