slow textiles

A London Community Grows Flax to Turn Into Clothing

In the spring of 2014, a dedicate lot of Londoners embarked on a mission to grow a garment. That meant starting from seeds, and using only hand labor techniques to turn a plant into…

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Laura Sansone Exemplifies Locavore Fashion With Her Handspun, Plant-Dyed Wares

HOME ON THE RANGE Despite its clean, modern lines, Laura Sansone’s upstate New York studio coexists with its agrarian setting in perfect harmony. The designer’s two Nigerian…

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Recipe for Success: Permacouture Stirs Up Bold, Plant-Based Hues For Mr. Larkin

With all the fashion-forward inroads made at The GreenShows at New York Fashion Week, it’s obvious that today’s eco-fashionistas are savvier than ever about the alchemy of…

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