Oscar De La Renta Denies Using Elephant Skin in Shoes

Photo by Shutterstock Oscar De La Renta has come out swinging after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals alleged on its website that the e-tailer Gilt was selling a style of the…

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Beyoncé's "Rare Cobra" Jumpsuit Seized by European Customs in Transit

Beyoncé wearing a Rubin Singer creation at the 2013 Superbowl halftime show. Beyoncé sure loves her exotic animal skin. Page Six reports European customs seized a one-legged silvery…

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Top 7 Bizarre Eco-Fashion Stories of 2013 (Vote for the Weirdest)

Do the time warp with us; check out the most bizarre eco-fashion stories of 2012… …

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Indonesian Spa Claims "Python Massage" Boosts Metabolism With Fear

SNAKES IN A SPA Pythons, which vary in length from 23 inches to a whopping 33 feet, are part of a group of snakes known as constrictors. Instead of poisoning their prey with venom,…

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