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Aarli: Upcycled Streetwear That Promotes Australia's Indigenous People

LOCAL COLOR Besides nurturing Aboriginal talent, Aarli also uses only indigenous models in its campaigns. By doing this, Cowlishaw says she hopes to not only preserve and promote the…

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Cotopaxi's Outdoor Gear Inspires Adventure, Funds Poverty Relief

Outdoor gear company Cotopaxi is gaining major attention from consumers and investors for their superior product and unique approach to marrying business with social impact. Founder…

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Phoebe Dahl: Sex Traffickers "Tend Not to Target" Girls in Uniforms

“On my first trip to Nepal, I visited the schools and girls groups supported by GWP, General Welfare Pratisthan, which is a nonprofit working for social welfare in Nepal.…

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Ethnotek's Bags Combine Indigenous Textiles, Technical Functionality

Ethnotek are the design team behind these high quality bags that incorporate ethically sourced handmade textiles from across the planet. As they launch their new summer travel…

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Popinjay's Hand-Embroidered Bags Lift Pakistani Women From Poverty

How did the idea behind Popinjay come about? The road to Popinjay’s creation as a luxury handbag company started when I was in graduate school. I heard the story of a young Afghan…

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Ethiopian Jeweler Entoto Beth Artisan Employs HIV-Affected Women

Entoto Beth Artisan bring together recycled materials and fair trade practices to create elegant jewellery designs. Based on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the social business…

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