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Rallier: NYC-Made Dresses That Support Education for Girls in Need

RALLY TOGETHER For every garment sold, Rallier will source up to three uniforms from regions plagued by poverty and gender inequality and donate them to local girls in need. Fay…

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Faircloth & Supply's Summer 2015 Line Offers Breezy Minimalism

FASHIONING HOPE Dahl has worked with General Welfare Pratisthan—or GWP, for short—since she founded Faircloth & Supply in 2013. The social-welfare nonprofit works at a…

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Industrial Revolution II Offers Socially Responsible Manufacturing in Haiti

Post garment factory disasters, supply chain checks, fashion manufacturing smack-downs and more of the mainstream public asking where their clothes are coming from are creating…

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Redesigned Sanitary Pads Prompt Victims of Sex Trafficking to Seek Help

A group of graduate students at the University of Washington have devised a scheme that could provide urgent recourse for female victims of human trafficking—without arousing the…

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Stella McCartney Designs Virtual Badge to Protest Violence Against Women

Stella McCartney has designed a virtual badge to help raise awareness about violence against women. The symbol, a white ribbon rendered in gold, will feature prominently in a two-week…

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Help Voz Bring Its Artisan-Crafted Chilean Clothing to NY Fashion Week

A NEW VOICE Voz, whose name means “voice” in Spanish, wants to bring its first fully artisan-designed collection to New York Fashion Week and the Coterie trade show in…

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