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"Lifepack" is a Solar-Powered, Anti-Theft Backpack for Mobile Workers

HOLD EVERYTHING Certainly Solgaard, himself an avid backpacker, has found his niche. With more than a month left on its Kickstarter campaign, the Lifepack has already achieved its…

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"Technopicnic" is a Solar-Powered Backpack for Picnicking in the City

Photos by DiegoENE It’d be nice to go take for a picnic in a wildflower-filled meadow with only the birds to listen to, but most people don’t have easy access to that much…

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Project Solaire's Solar-Powered Backpacks Charge Gadgets on the Go

Most smartphone users have probably experienced the frustration of a dead battery. Now Project Solaire have designed a backpack that incorporates a solar panel into the fabric to keep…

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Repurpose's Solar-Powered Schoolbags Do More Than Carry Stuff

CARRY ON Another upside of using plastic? The bags are waterproof. (“There’s nothing worse than wet books,” notes the duo.) And since aesthetics played a huge role from…

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Ralph Lauren Launches $800 Solar-Powered Waterproof Backpack

Ralph Lauren’s men’s athletic line, RLX, recently released a new line of high-performance bags, one of which features an integrated solar panel. Made in Italy from a thin,…

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