solar jackets

ThermalTech Launches Line of Solar-Powered "Smart" Jackets

ThermalTech’s cozy jackets suck up power from the sun to keep you toasty this winter. Sleek and comfortable, the innovative jacket uses smart fabric technology, rather than bulky…

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Pauline van Dongen's Solar Parka Thrives Among Nature's Elements

SOLAR PARKA The jacket incorporates a single thin, flexible, and waterproof solar panel on one of its front pockets. Manufactured by AltaDevices, the photovoltaic cells generate enough…

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Tommy Hilfiger's Solar-Powered Jacket Charges Your Phone on the Go

Tommy Hilfiger is testing the wearables market with their new solar powered field jacket. In both a men’s and women’s fit, the jacket generates energy on the go with its…

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Solar Power Goes Couture With Pauline van Dongen's Avant-Garde Wearables

POWER SUITS Van Dongen says her designs mimic human skin cells, which show a similar layering. Some of the modules contain up to 48 flexible solar cells, enough to restore a typical…

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NEW! Zegna Sport's Ecotech Solar Jacket Made From Recycled Plastic

Zegna Sport has spruced up its two-year-old Solar Jacket for fall in a major way—well, make that several major ways. Version 2.0’s outer fabric, breathable membrane, seam…

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