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Pauline van Dongen's "Solar Shirt" is a Chic Phone Charger You Wear

SOLAR FASHION But cellphones aren’t the only things the Solar Shirt can keep humming. Van Dongen’s garment can also juice up MP3 players, cameras, Global Positioning System…

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Repurpose's Solar-Powered Schoolbags Do More Than Carry Stuff

CARRY ON Another upside of using plastic? The bags are waterproof. (“There’s nothing worse than wet books,” notes the duo.) And since aesthetics played a huge role from…

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Tommy Hilfiger's Solar-Powered Jacket Charges Your Phone on the Go

Tommy Hilfiger is testing the wearables market with their new solar powered field jacket. In both a men’s and women’s fit, the jacket generates energy on the go with its…

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Solar Power Goes Couture With Pauline van Dongen's Avant-Garde Wearables

POWER SUITS Van Dongen says her designs mimic human skin cells, which show a similar layering. Some of the modules contain up to 48 flexible solar cells, enough to restore a typical…

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Chanel Lines Runway With Wind Turbines, Solar Panels at Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week

Karl Lagerfeld might have renewable energy on the brain. (Or not. It’s hard to tell with a man who once shipped a 265-ton iceberg from Sweden as a runway centerpiece.) For his…

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Lux Solar-Panel Necklace Lights Up Any Outfit

Haute or not? This sophisticated solar panel necklace, created by Swedish student designer Mae Yokoyama, is made from mini solar panels and embellished with tiny LED bulbs. After…

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