solar-powered clothing

"Back to the Future" Inspires Self-Charging Textiles, Clothing

One movie buff scientist from the University of Central Florida’s NanoScience Technology Center has turned to the 80s cult classic Back to the Future II to inspire a new wearable…

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ThermalTech Launches Line of Solar-Powered "Smart" Jackets

ThermalTech’s cozy jackets suck up power from the sun to keep you toasty this winter. Sleek and comfortable, the innovative jacket uses smart fabric technology, rather than bulky…

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Coming Soon: Clothes That Convert Solar Energy Into Heat

Photo by Shutterstock A new material developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology could be used for self-warming clothing that hones heat from the sun. Made…

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Top 7 Wearable Technology Innovations of 2015 (Vote for the Coolest!)

Get more of tomorrow’s technology today from our archives

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Pauline van Dongen's Solar Parka Thrives Among Nature's Elements

SOLAR PARKA The jacket incorporates a single thin, flexible, and waterproof solar panel on one of its front pockets. Manufactured by AltaDevices, the photovoltaic cells generate enough…

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Pauline van Dongen's "Solar Shirt" is a Chic Phone Charger You Wear

SOLAR FASHION But cellphones aren’t the only things the Solar Shirt can keep humming. Van Dongen’s garment can also juice up MP3 players, cameras, Global Positioning System…

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