Sri Lanka

Beyoncé's "Ivy Park" Sportswear Allegedly Made in Sweatshop

Bad news for the Beyhive: Britain’s The Sun reports that the Sri Lankan seamstresses who make Beyoncé’s new line of high-end athletic wear earn just £4.30 ($6.19) a day.…

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DaDa's Underwear Club Delivers Eco-Friendly Men's Undies Every Quarter

Luxury clothing should mean that the quality of the fabric is as good to the environment as it is to your body. UK designer Hamish Lawson is the creator of the DaDa Quarterly Underwear…

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KissinCussin: Fair-Trade Fashion Designed in Australia, Made in Sri Lanka

After volunteering in post-tsunami Sri Lanka in 2004, Australian cousins Jessica Brown and Hayley Maynard found themselves laying the groundwork for KissinCussin, an ethical womenswear…

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