surplus fabrics

PeSeta Turns a Beret Into a Record Player for Marc Jacobs Collaboration

Ian McKellan’s doppelgänger wearing a beret-turned-turntable? If any situation called for a record-scratch sound effect, it’s this. The comical tableau, part of a short…

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A.P.C., Jessica Ogden Upcycle Fabric Remnants Into Quilts, Cat Cushions

GRANNY CHIC “No fabrics are developed for this, which proves difficult because if you only have one meter of the surplus material, you can only use just a bit of it on an…

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Swella's Upcycled Jackets Provide Warmth, Food, Water for Communities

The brain behind the designs is founder Ann Chen, who put these values at the core of the company with the overall hope of empowering vulnerable communities through sales and donations.…

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Nasty Gal Teams Up With Reformation to Create Upcycled Cool-Girl Looks

REFORM SCHOOL A black-and-white polka-dot jumpsuit dares to bear a plunging V-neck halter. A satin bomber jacket is soda-fountain-ready with “Girls” embroidered in…

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