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MIT is Turning Living Bacteria Into Self-Ventilating Activewear

RESPONSIVE FASHION Yao and her “BioLogic” team refer to the natto cells as “living actuators”—motors that are grown rather than manufactured. In a later…

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Surfer Kelly Slater Launches Outerknown, a Sustainable Fashion Line

Professional surfer Kelly Slater wasn’t kidding when he said he was splitting from longtime sponsor Quiksilver after 23 years. The world champion is preparing to launch his own…

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Alternative Launches "Move," an Eco-Friendly Activewear Line for Women

MOVE AND GROOVE Modern prints and a cohesive color palette of seafoam, blue coral, and shell also imbue the pieces with a wearability that extends beyond the studio or gym. And if…

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Adidas by Stella McCartney Fetes Sustainability at London Fashion Week

ACTIVE ECO Adidas says it employed “advanced, eco-friendly” cutting techniques to ensure that at least 95 percent of the fabric went into the final product. (The industry…

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Zeugma: High-Performance, Moisture-Wicking Organic Cotton For Activewear

ZEUGMA \ˈzo͞ogmə\ n 1 a: A 95 percent organic-cotton textile that mimics the qualities of petroleum-based technical fabrics without synthetic chemicals or additives. b: Wicks away…

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