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DaDa's Underwear Club Delivers Eco-Friendly Men's Undies Every Quarter

Luxury clothing should mean that the quality of the fabric is as good to the environment as it is to your body. UK designer Hamish Lawson is the creator of the DaDa Quarterly Underwear…

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Shreddies' Flatulence-Neutralizing Undies Let You "Fart With Confidence"

While farting in public is considered a serious social faux pas, sometimes you just have to let her rip no matter how many people you may harm in the process. But fear not, now…

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Issues With Incontinence? These Innovative Undies Won't Give You Away

It’s no secret that seniors are the fastest growing population worldwide. With age, however, comes its own raft of issues, including a decline in bodily functions. Among the most…

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14 Sexy Sustainable Men’s Undies to Light Your Fire on Valentine’s Day

RAMBLE ON Founded by the same folks who launched Tom’s of Maine 40 years ago, Ramblers Way uses 100 percent American wool for its sustainably produced wares, including these…

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14 Sexy Sustainable Men's Undies to Get Frisky in for Valentine's Day

EQUAL RIGHTS When we focused only on lady parts last Valentine’s Day, our readers raised an outcry over our obvious gender bias—with good cause: Don’t men need undies,…

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Buy a Pair of PACT's "Winter Lights" Undies, Send a Solar Lantern to Haiti

Light up your night—and help a community in need—with a pair of sustainable skivvies from PACT’s new “Winter Lights” collection. Designed by industrial-design…

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