sustainable dyeing

Alabama Chanin Starts Natural Dye Facility, Relaunches Indigo Line

ALABAMA BLUES The do-it-yourself route was partly born out of necessity. Several of Alabama Chanin’s go-to dye houses have shuttered over the years, making it increasingly…

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Textile Arts Center Presents "Stained," an Exploration of Natural Dyes

All proceeds from the evening will benefit the center’s “Sewing Seeds” initiative, which includes an art residency, free educational programming, creation of natural…

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Serpent & Bow's Myth-Inspired Indigo-Dyed Garments Are Mesmerizing

Serpent & Bow use sustainably sourced fabrics and natural dyes such as indigo to create these handcrafted textiles and fashion items that evoke mythical mer-people. Founded by…

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Muji Bankrolls Eco-Friendly Dyeing Plant in Cambodia

Muji has announced the development of an eco-friendly natural-dye plant in Cambodia as part of its commitment to the Business Call to Action, a global initiative to “accelerate…

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Customize a Silk Scarf With Textile Arts Center's Plant-Based Solar-Dye Kit

Natural dyeing might feel confusing. From mordants, pH levels, and various fibers—there’s a lot of information to absorb. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Enter the…

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