sustainable engagement rings

Man Turns Bone From Amputated Leg Into Engagement Ring

When Mike Perrett proposed to his then-girlfriend, Melita, in 2011, he offered her more than a piece of his heart. He also gave her part of his shinbone. The Guernsey man, who had his…

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D&H Jewelers' Conflict-Free Wedding Rings Feature Reclaimed Metals

Tying the knot with a sparkling ring is many an environmentalist’s dream, but not its often-produced side effects of civil war, human rights abuses, and environmental degradation.…

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Do Amore: Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings That Provide Clean Water for Life

Want to commit to more than each other on your wedding day? Pledge your troth with Do Amore, an eco-friendly jeweler that funds clean-water projects with every wedding band or…

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