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Penn. Lawmaker Wants to Ban Axe Body Spray From Schools

Legislators in Pennsylvania schools want allergy-prone kids to experience a fragrance-free educational experience by banning scented products from school. Headed by State Representative…

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Juniper Ridge's Wild-Harvested Fragrances Capture Nature in a Bottle

Photo by Lori Zimmer for Ecouterre With a belief that fragrances should not be fake, Juniper Ridge is the world’s only wild fragrance company. Each of Juniper Ridge’s products are…

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MCMC's Brooklyn-Crafted Fragrances Benefit Volunteer Groups in Need

Although the inspiration for her scents comes from all over Anne’s life, she is especially inspired by volunteer experiences.   Anne explains that “this drive led me to create…

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Secret Scents: Are Hidden Fragrance Allergens Making You Sick?

Photo by Shutterstock That sexy scent in your shampoo or lipstick may have less-than-sexy side effects (think blisters, eczema, or problems breathing.) But that’s not the worst…

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That Stinks: Dolce & Gabbana Launches Fragrance for Babies

Dolce & Gabbana makes the stuff fashion dreams are made of: the sexy, trashy-chic attire of wanton peasant maidens, curvy cinematic goddesses, playfully tough Sicilian street…

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Yeast-Based Ingredient to Replace "Whale Barf" in High-End Fragrances

Photo by Shutterstock Don’t look now but your pricy perfume could contain ambergris, a wax-like ingredient known less euphemistically as whale vomit. Found in the upchuck or fecal…

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