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Small Jewelers Now Able to Use "Fairtrade"-Certified Gold, Silver

Small jewelers, goldsmiths, silversmiths and artists in the UK can now rest easy about their materials, thanks to the Fairtrade Foundation. Newly launched, The Goldsmiths Registration…

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U.K. Scientists Change the Color of Gold Without Chemical Treatments

Photo by Shutterstock Sure, we have rose gold, white gold, and well, gold gold, but what if you could have red, blue, green, or even purple gold without chemically altering the precious…

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Solidaridad Launches Netherlands' First Fair-Trade, Fair-Mined Gold Jewelry

GOOD AS GOLD Solidaridad, which founded the first fair-trade label for coffee in 1988, has been working with miners, traders, jewelers, and fair-trade organizations to develop a…

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