sustainable hangers

Activated-Charcoal Hangers Keep Clothes Fresh Without Laundering

Buying your clothes from ethical and planet-friendly sources is only the beginning. Most life-cycle assessments agree that a garment’s greatest environmental impact comes not from…

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"H+Bag" is a Shopping Carrier That Converts Into a Clothes Hanger

Left your reusable tote at home? Here’s a solution that’s good for more than lining your recycling bin. Spotted by our colleagues at Yanko Design, the “H+Bag” is…

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Bernhard Burkard's Fabric Hanger Marries Swiss, Ukrainian Traditions

Who decreed that hangers had to limited to plastic, metal, or wood? Swiss design studio Bernhard Burkard went against the grain—so to speak—when they devised a lightweight,…

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Benetton Gets Greener With Biodegradable Hangers, Organic Cotton

Benetton is about to get Mommie Dearest on its flimsy plastic hangers. By replacing its global inventory with a lightweight “liquid wood” version, the Italian clothing…

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