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"Fend" Bicycle Helmet Collapses to One-Third Its Original Size

Hate lugging around a bicycle helmet around town? Consider yourself officially out of excuses. Protecting your noggin couldn’t be more convenient with the “Fend,” a…

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Loomstate Designs Environment-Inspired Panda Helmet for the NFL

Loomstate just put the “fantasy” into “fantasy football.” Together with 48 of its fellow Council of Fashion Designers of America members, the ethical clothing…

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"Mamoris" Chair Transforms Into a Noggin-Protecting Emergency Helmet

“Mamoris” is the chair you’ll want to be sitting on in case of an earthquake. The brain—pun intended—child of Japanese industrial-design firms Znug and Poplife,…

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Inkwell Helmets Creates Hand-Painted Designs for Every Cyclist's Personality

When on a bicycle, safety is of paramount importance. Danielle Baskin’s line of hand-painted, graphic helmets allows riders to showcase their good sense. Her company, Inkwell…

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Reebok's "CheckLight" Device Alerts Athletes to Severity of Head Impacts

A growing body of research is revealing that head impacts during sports can cause major trauma and damage. Wearing a helmet is critical, but hits to the noggin, even smallish ones, can…

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Vibrating "Tactile Helmet" Helmet Helps Firefighters Navigate in the Dark

Photo by Shutterstock Firefighters and rescue workers have a lot working against them while battling blazes or searching through rubble. It’s hard to see and hear, plus their…

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