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Can the "World's Best" Hoodie Revitalize American Manufacturing?

American Giant sells direct to consumer using an online-only model, which cuts out the middle person. How did the brand take off with little to no marketing? Our initial product, the…

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Inflatable "Sleep Hoodie" Lets You Catch a Nap Anytime, Anywhere

Napping has never been so easy, thanks to a new inflatable hoodie. Designed by Josh Woodle, and manufactured in the U.S. of A., the “Hypnos Hoodie’s” hood transforms into an…

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Put That Hoodie in Your Pipe and Smoke It—Literally!

Smokeable clothes could be the latest innovation in wearable technology to take the world by storm, according to The Daily Dot. Ahead of the game are two names: Hood Horkerz and…

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The North Face's "Hyper-Local" Hoodie Keeps Carbon Footprint Petite

There’s local and there’s hyper-local. The North Face’s “Backyard Project” hoodie lies firmly in the latter category. Made collaboratively with California…

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This High-Tech Hoodie Sends Text Messages Using Simple Gestures

Roll up your sleeve to send a message that you’re busy or touch your hood to let someone know you’re thinking about them. While discreet, these movements convey real meaning…

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Flint and Tinder's American-Made Hoodie Comes With 10-Year Guarantee

There’s a reason why we have antique stores: stuff used to be made to last. Things have long shifted, however, in favor of a manufacturing business model known as “planned…

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