sustainable leather

"Eco-Leather" Made From Plant Oils is a Fashion Game-Changer

Tanning leather is a toxic endeavor and also quite fatal for animals, but a new alternative bio-based leather promises to be more environmentally friendly. Richard Wool, a professor of…

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Get a "Behind the Seams" Look at Billykirk's American-Made Leather Goods

A FINE BROMANCE It was in Los Angeles, however, that Billykirk found its footing, beginning as a small outfit that tinkered in handmade leather watch straps. Kirk, the younger Bray, has…

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OAT Debuts World's First Certified-Biodegradable Leather Sneakers

The Dutch label that invented a sneaker that sprouts flowers is gunning for another first: the world’s premier certified-biodegradable leather shoe. OAT’s new “Limited…

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Is "Sustainable" Leather Really Better for the Environment?

Galahad Clark, owner and director of Terra Plana As long as people eat meat, leather can be an industry byproduct and a realistic sustainable proposition. A huge shift in cattle…

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