sustainable sunblock

This Marker Ink Changes Color When Your Sunscreen Stops Working

Piling on the sunscreen is a great habit to get into to protect yourself against harmful ultraviolet rays, but what happens when your sunscreen stops working? The innovative new Suncayr…

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Wearing, Rather Than Eating, Broccoli Could Protect Against Skin Cancer

Photo by Shutterstock The latest weapon in the war against skin cancer is lean, green, and universally abhorred by small children. We’re talking about broccoli, of course. The…

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Strawberries Could Protect Your Skin Against Ultraviolet Radiation

Photo by Shutterstock Strawberries aren’t just a delicious fruit, they could also protect your skin from the DNA-ravaging effects of ultraviolet rays. In a joint study by…

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Can Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs Increase the Risk of Skin Cancer?

Photo by Shutterstock That big ball of incandescent gas in the sky isn’t the only source of harmful ultraviolet rays. Stony Brook University scientists say that UV radiation can…

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