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This Sprout-Covered Vest is a Chia Pet You Can Wear

BETTER TOGETHER To create her vest, Esponette laid out cut pieces of muslin on a foam mannequin that she saturated with water. She then planted the chia seeds, which germinated into…

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NuDown's Inflatable Jackets Let You Create Your Ideal Temperature

COLD COMFORT Unlike down or other animal-derived materials, NuDown garments are expected to stay warm even when wet. Even better? Independent testing by Kansas State University’s…

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Osmium: Quality Menswear Basics, Made in the U.S.A.

Osmium are a home-grown men’s fashion brand with a focus on keeping production local. As well as maintaining high quality designs that are made to last, the Massachusetts-based…

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Trashy-B Recycles Discarded Cigarette Butts Into a Hollywood-Ready Vest

Don’t let his nom de guerre deceive you; Trashy-B is actually pretty discerning about his garbage. For his latest creation—a vest composed of more than 1,000 spent…

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Ishi Makes Organic, Naturally Dyed Vests That Promote Livelihoods in India

Very rarely does a fashion choice have the opportunity to make a profound influence on a global scale. For Harish Patel, a few compliments sparked an idea that became the Ishi vest.…

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"Like-A-Hug" Vest Gives You a Squeeze for Every Facebook "Like" You Get

There’s something innately satisfying about getting your photos and status updates “liked” on Facebook, but it’s nothing like getting a real hug. Melissa Kit…

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