"Ruff" is a 3D-Printed Responsive Collar With a Life of Its Own

Ruff is a new 3D printed responsive collar by Pauline van Dongen, who is pushing the forefront of wearables. Working with architect Behnaz Farahi, the two crafted flexible wearables…

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Pauline van Dongen's "Solar Shirt" is a Chic Phone Charger You Wear

SOLAR FASHION But cellphones aren’t the only things the Solar Shirt can keep humming. Van Dongen’s garment can also juice up MP3 players, cameras, Global Positioning System…

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BB.Suit: A 3D-Knitted "Onesie" That Doubles as Wi-Fi Hotspot

Everybody loves a onesie, but a onesie outfitted with a WiFi hotspot, GPS tracking and a music library becomes the life of the party. The BB.Suit is a 3D knitted, high tech outfit…

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Lady Gaga Wears "Upcycled" Coffee-Filter Dress to Jimmy Kimmel Live

For a woman who has worn everything from a flying dress to slabs of meat, coffee filters must seem positively quotidian. Yet there Lady Gaga was at Jimmy Kimmel Live at SXSW in Austin,…

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The Future of (Sustainable) Fashion: Lessons From 2013 SXSW Eco

What does an environmental entomologist, a twenty-something entrepreneur and a political analyst have to do with the sustainable fashion movement? A lot more than you’d think. We were…

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Google, Adidas Create "Talking" Sneaker That Nags You Into Exercising

Forget Google Glass; the tech giant is in the footwear business now. Or at least it was at the SXSW series of film, interactive, and music festivals in Austin on Monday. Together with…

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