Sylvia Heisel

Sylvia Heisel Turns Eco-Technical Fabrics Into Street-Chic Clothing

Does recycling plastic sometimes feel like a chore? Heisel’s Tyvek mini-dress makes plastic’s life cycle fun. With its short hemline and geometric print, the dress is a stretch from…

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Personalize Your iPhone With Sylvia Heisel's 3D-Printed Bioplastic Cases

What do corn, fashion, and three-dimensional printing have in common? They’re the latest in mobile accessories: a new line of monogramed iPhone cases 3D-printed with polylactic…

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6 Emerging Eco-Friendly Brands at Designers & Agents Los Angeles

SURPLUS As its name implies, Surplus specializes in jewelry made from unwanted scraps of steel and other discarded items. Harriet McNamara creates all of her pieces by hand,…

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Sylvia Heisel, Paper No. 9's Paper Dress Wears Off to Reveal Hidden Quotes

Photos by Deborah Feingold “Ready to wear” means one thing in the fashion world, and quite another for designer Sylvia Heisel and Brooklyn accessories label Paper No. 9.…

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