BBC Exposé Reveals Child Refugees Making Clothes for British High Street

Factories in Turkey are employing Syrian refugee children as young as 10 to make clothes for the British high street, an undercover investigation by BBC’s Panorama has found.…

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Turkey Sweatshop Allegedly Using Syrian Children to Make ISIS Uniforms

Photos by Jodi Hilton for the Daily Mail At least one sweatshop in Turkey is hiring Syrian refugee children to make camouflage uniforms for military groups such as Islamic State and…

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Parsons Student Designed Fashion Line to Help Syrian Refugees

CROSSING THE BOUNDARIES “This collection is an ode to these people: everyone who can no longer return home due to war and violence,” Luna said. “To those who are on…

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U.K. Students Create Wearable Shelter for Syrian Refugees

In response to the Syrian refugee crisis, a group of graduate students from London’s Royal College of Art have created a hooded jacket that deploys into a sleeping bag or tent…

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