MIT Invents a Wearable Social Network That Helps You Break the Ice

Students from MIT are trying to create their own social network that relies less on virtual life and more on your personal connections. Social Textiles is way for people to connect…

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TS Designs Makes T-Shirts From North Carolina's First Commercially Grown Certified-Organic Cotton

Photo by Shutterstock It’s taken years of plotting and planting, but Cotton of Carolinas is finally reaping the fruits of its labor: T-shirts spun with North Carolina’s…

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"Intelligent" T-Shirt Monitors Hospital Patients' Vital Signs, Movements

Hospitals may soon have a new, noninvasive way to track the health and movements of their patients. Researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid have developed an…

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T-Shirt Converts Rock Music Into Electricity at Glastonbury Festival

Go ahead and pump up those jams, because a new technology that turns sound into electricity—enough to charge your cellphone or portable device—is about to revolutionize musical…

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Counterfeit Outfit Tees Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thang

We admit there’s nothing ostensibly eco-friendly about Gradiate’s Counterfeit Outfit tees—they’re printed on neither organic cotton nor recycled soda bottles—but…

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